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A Novel Type and Effect-Guided Synthesis Tool for Ruby with Sankha Guria - RUBY 553

  • Guests : Sankha Narayan Guria
  • Date : Jul 06, 2022
  • Time : 56 Minutes
In recent years, researchers have explored component-based synthesis, which aims to automatically construct programs that operate by composing calls to existing APIs.  However, prior work has not considered efficient synthesis of methods with side effects that update a database.  Today on the show, Sankha Guria shares about his research in this area, introducing a new approach to type and effect-guided synthesis tools for Ruby.

In this episode…

  1. What is program synthesis?
  2. Lambda functions
  3. Generating in Ruby
  4. Assistive code generation
  5. Benchmarking your code
  6. Various tools
  7. Co-pilot vs. pilot 
  8. Scratch software for kids
  9. Applying program synthesis to web assemblies
  10. How to use program synthesis to generates tests




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