User Authorization With Cerbos - RRU 212

User Authorization With Cerbos - RRU 212

February 01, 2023

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Show Notes

Alex Olivier is a Product Lead at Cerbos. It is a self-hosted, open-source authorization layer that separates your authorization logic from your core application code. He joins the show to talk about the company in more detail and what it can offer to its users. Additionally, he explains the process of Testing and Setting it up.  

About this Episode

  • How authorization enables a company to scale, win enterprise clients, and meet regulatory requirements
  • The ongoing shift in decoupling applications into specialized services, authentication was first, and now authorization being the next big one
  • Stateful vs Stateless authorization
  • Configuration vs Code - Cerbos policies
  • Being ‘Cloud Native’ - first class support for metrics, telemetry, observability
  • Learning about Cerbos for new users