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The Great Gatsby with Queen Raae - REACT 168

  • Guests : Queen Raae
  • Date : Jan 12, 2022
  • Time : 45 Minutes
Interested to learn more about this “Great Gatsby”? How does it differ from others, and where is the industry headed? Time for a meeting with the Queen! In this episode, the React team sits down with Queen Benedicte Raae, a software developer and overall coding wizard. They discuss the ONE feature of Gatsby that makes it so beginner friendly, what Queen Raae learned from her years of Wordpress and web building, and where they believe the conversation of “no-code vs code everything” is headed.
“If you need something content-heavy, Wordpress can be exactly what you need. But if you’re trying to make an application, you need something more intense. The internet is splitting between no-code vs ‘code everything’ solutions.”
  • Benedicte Raae
In This Episode
The ONE feature of Gatsby that makes the whole system so easy AND customizable for users (which you can start using today!)
 What Benedicte learned from Wordpress, Jekyll, and web building (and how it led her to Gatsby)
 Benedicte’s feelings toward Javascript in 2022 (hint-hint: it’s laser-focused on something…)
 Instead of websites trying to do everything on their own, the roundtable discusses why software is headed in THIS direction (which is the biggest drawback of Wordpress)
Special Guest: Benedicte Raae .
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