Next Steps for Next JS with Tom Norton - RRU 170

Next Steps for Next JS with Tom Norton - RRU 170

January 26, 2022

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Show Notes

Next JS is next in line, but are you ready for it? In this episode, the Roundup rascals team up with Tom Norton, a software developer who’s as excited about Next JS as they are. They discuss the pros and cons, why it’s superior to apps like Gatsby, and why Tom believes studying accessibility is PARAMOUNT for the future.

“Get ready for some opinions.”
- Tom Norton

In This Episode

  1. Tom’s unadulterated (but optimistic!) opinions on Next JS (and what his totally-scientific tests discovered)
  2. What Tom and Paige agree on that’s not ideal about Gatsby (and why Next is growing fast)
  3. Why Tom believes that studying accessibility features will determine the future of programming
  4. Tom’s BIGGEST pet peeves with React native and which libraries he uses as workarounds




Special Guest: Tom Norton.

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