Nailing Your Interview with Paige Niedringhaus - REACT 167

Nailing Your Interview with Paige Niedringhaus - REACT 167

January 05, 2022

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Show Notes

So, you’ve followed up with a recruiter and have an interview scheduled tomorrow. Not sure what to do next besides print your resume? Don’t fret! In this episode, the guys sit down with Paige Niedringhaus to discuss the fundamentals of nailing your interview. They lay out the interview red flags that should scare you to your core, how to escape the “application blackhole”, and why the “STAR Method” is incredible for leaving an awesome impression.
“If you don’t feel like you qualify, apply anyway. If it sounds interesting, just apply.”
  • Paige Niedringhaus
In This Episode:
 For real, though: Bootcamp or CS degree?
 The interview red flags that should make you run far, far away
 Why Paige focuses on her post-interview recovery and how to never take rejection personally
 How Paige escaped the “application blackhole” and stood out from her colleagues
 If you want to make a compelling argument for your experience, use the “STAR Method” to leave the interviewer asking for more
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