Libraries and State Machines in 2022 - RRU 169

Libraries and State Machines in 2022 - RRU 169

January 19, 2022

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Show Notes

A new year brings new libraries and state machines, so if you’d rather not be confused, this episode’s for you. In this one, the team covers React’s most significant improvements, how to avoid losing your mind over state machines, and what libraries to peruse in 2022.

In This Episode

Why React’s improvements made THIS feature irrelevant for most cases
The team’s solution for people wanting more than just juggling API’s all day (and why it’s a big win for storage and data migration)
If you’re into spreadsheets, we bet you’ll LOVE using THIS library
Want to learn a new, intuitive library in 2022? Jack’s got you covered
How to avoid the NIGHTMARE of complication with state machines




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