Fully Stacked with Mike Alche - RRU 171

Fully Stacked with Mike Alche - RRU 171

February 02, 2022

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Show Notes

Wanna forget the back-end and only focus on the front? Too bad. In this episode, the React team sits down with Mike Alche, a developer whose full-stack approach reminds us why you need both ends to succeed. They discuss the power of tRPC, what led Mike to AdonisJS (and why it should be more popular), and Mike’s go-to tips for becoming a master at API testing.

“As develops, we love building products, but we need a place to put it. The back end’s not as trendy as the front end. That’s what ‘full stack’ means—everything together.”
- Mike Alche

In This Episode

  1. What apps catch Mike’s attention, which ones he skips, and his wisdom to know the difference
  2. Why tRPC can accelerate your coding and make end-to-end type safe APIs a breeze
  3. How a need for documentation led Mike to AdonisJS (and why he thinks it should be more popular than its competitors)
  4. Mike’s go-to tips for testing your APIs efficiently (and the crucial differences between front- and back-end)


Special Guest: Mike Alche.

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