From Court Rooms to WebGL with Mikael Petersen - RRU 172

From Court Rooms to WebGL with Mikael Petersen - RRU 172

February 16, 2022

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Show Notes

Could a flight attendant or lawyer become a developer? You bet! In this episode, the React Roundup team talks with Mikael (Mickey) Petersen, a flight attendant turned lawyer turned developer who believes your background doesn’t define you. They all discuss what you NEED to know about WebGL and canvasses, the pros and cons of Svelte vs. React, and the biggest developments that you should already be following.

“I realized my passion is between problem solving and creativity. Coding is a creative outlet, and I always love learning new stuff.”
- Mikael (Mickey) Petersen

In This Episode

1) Why Mickey believes ANYONE can become a developer regardless of their background
2) What you NEED to know about working with WebGL and canvasses in React this year
3) How Svelte is an EXCELLENT choice for starting out (but why React is better at higher levels)
4) The BIGGEST developments in 2022 that you oughta be following by now




Special Guest: Mikael Petersen.

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