CSS Properties with Colby Fayock - RRU 173

CSS Properties with Colby Fayock - RRU 173

February 23, 2022

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Let’s help you invest in your new CSS Property. (Get it?) In this episode, Jack and Paige sit down with CSS property extraordinaire, Colby Faycock, for React Roundup Round 2! They all discuss how to make CSS get along with React and others, what awesome things Cloudinary does, and how to properly enter the CSS world if you’re a React user.

“React and CSS are two different concepts, but they can definitely play nicely.”
- Colby Fayock

In This Episode

1) How to make CSS properties play nice with JavaScript and React
2) The BEST way for React users to enter the CSS world in 2022
3) Why companies like Cloudinary are showcasing THIS awesome part of CSS properties




Special Guest: Colby Fayock.

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