MRS 097: Saverio Miroddi

MRS 097: Saverio Miroddi

September 24, 2019

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Show Notes

Saverio Miroddi joins Charles Max Wood on this week's My Ruby Story. Saverio is a systems engineer and a backend programmer at Ticketsolve. He is originally from Italy and currently lives in Germany. Saverio shares his journey as a Ruby developer and also his passions outside of work such as bouldering.
Saverio fell in love with programming when he was 7 years old with COmmodere 64. He didn't follow up on it however until later when he was working as a consultant working as a System Administrator where he taught himself JavaScript. Later he taught himself Ruby on the job when he was working in London.
Host: Charles Max Wood
Joined by Special Guest: Saverio Miroddi
Saverio Miroddi
Charles Max Wood