MRS 093: Thomas Grassl

MRS 093: Thomas Grassl

August 27, 2019

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Show Notes


Host: Charles Max Wood
Joined by Special Guest: Thomas Grassl
Episode Summary
Thomas Grassl from SAP joins Charles Max Wood at OSCON to talk about what SAP is doing in the Open Source world. Thomas talks about SAP's recently released a UI5 Web Components.
Charles wonders how the components will work with different frameworks and Thomas explains UI5 Web Components are HTML components and they should be used how regular HTML components are used. UI5 Web Components is Open Source so Thomas expects contributions from the Open Source community.
Thomas then talks about UI5 Web Components' enterprise-ready functionality and scalability features as well as the security and accessibility aspects.
They then talk about Thomas' position as Developer Relations in SAP and what it entails. Thomas then talks about the career opportunities that comes with customization on the enterprise scale.
Finally Charles and Thomas talk about how SAP approaches developer relations and what developers should do if they would like to contribute to SAP Open Source project.