MRS 087: Lori Olson

MRS 087: Lori Olson

May 07, 2019

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Host: Charles Max Wood
Special Guest: Lori Olson
Episode Summary
In this episode of My Ruby Story, Charles hosts Lori Olson, Chief Instructor at WNDX School where she teaches software developers of all kinds to become published App authors, using RubyMotion. Lori invites all to come to her “six steps from idea to app store” webinar.
Listen to Lori on the podcast Ruby Rogues on this episode.
Lori took her high school counselor’s advice and majored in Computer Science. She then went onto establishing The WNDX Group , a software development & training consultancy.
Lori describes the current projects she is working on, how her love of fantasy books  started and what a day in her life looks like both in and out of coding.
Lori Olson:
Charles Max Wood:
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