MRS 080: Josh Justice

MRS 080: Josh Justice

Josh Justice


March 06, 2019

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Host: Charles Max Wood
Special Guest:  Josh Justice
Episode Summary
In this episode of My Ruby Story, Charles hosts Josh Justice, software engineer at Big Nerd Ranch, a Mobile app development, training and design firm.
Listen to Josh on the podcast Ruby Rogues on this episode.
Josh wanted to be a software developer ever since he was very young, his father worked in IT so he had access to computers from very early on. After studying computer science, he started working as a developer in JavaScript, PHP and in Ruby. His specialties include Ruby on Rails, Ember, Vue.js and React Native. Josh really enjoys content creation for other developers and is currently streaming React Native TDD Fridays 2pm EST at
Josh and his family recently adopted a baby boy in addition to his two daughters. Listen to the podcast to hear more about this miraculous adoption story!
Josh Justice:
Charles Max Wood: