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MJS 145: Varya Stepanova

  • Guests : Varya Stepanova
  • Date : Apr 14, 2020
  • Time : 28 Minutes

JavaScript Remote Conf 2020

May 14th to 15th - register now!

Varya is an expert in design systems. She talks about the process of working in and building design systems. She learned basic Pascal at school. She did programming exercises on paper. She then got into building web pages for groups she was a part of. She then picked up PHP and went professional at that point. On the front-end, she began picking up JavaScript and worked using Yandex's internal framework. Follow here story through the rest of the podcast.
Host: Charles Max Wood
Joined By Special Guest: Varya Stepanova
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Charles Max Wood:
Varya Stepanova:
  • Learn a New Language!
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