MJS 106: Shawn Clabough

MJS 106: Shawn Clabough

May 07, 2019

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Show Notes

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Host: Charles Max Wood
Special Guest:  Shawn Clabough
Episode Summary
In this episode of My JavaScript Story, Charles hosts Shawn Clabough, Information Systems Manager and Senior Developer at Washington State University.
Listen to Shawn on the podcast JavaScript Jabber on this episode.
Shawn got interested in computers in high school. His first computer was a TRS-80. Upon graduating from Washington State University, he worked as an assistant buyer at a computer chain store before going back to university to receive further education as a programmer. He then got a job at the University of Idaho where he worked in web application development for 17 years before switching to Washington State University. Currently he is a senior developer and a developer manager at Washington State University. Shawn also works as a custom .NET application development consultant.
Shawn Clabough:
Charles Max Wood:
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