MJS 100: Joe Eames

MJS 100: Joe Eames

Joe Eames


March 27, 2019

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Show Notes

Host: Charles Max Wood
Guest: Joe Eames
Episode Summary
In this episode of My JavaScript Story, Charles Max Wood hosts Joe Eames, CEO of Thinkster.io and organizer of many different conferences, two of which are the AngularJS conference, ng-conf, and the WordPress developer conference, LoopConf.
Joe is a front end web developer and an educator. He has authored over 10 Pluralsight.com courses. He is also a panelist on the JavaScript Jabber podcast and the Adventures in Angular podcast on DevChat.TV.
Joe talks about his passion project, being on the organization team of Framework Summit, a two-day conference focused on all front end JavaScript frameworks, the first of which was held in Utah in October 2018. It was a great success and he and the rest of the organization team will be looking to repeat it in January of 2020.
Another conference Joe was involved in organizing was React Conf 2018 which took place in October in Henderson, Nevada. He is in the process of organizing the React Conf 2019 with the rest of the organization team.
Aside from organizing conferences Joe’s second passion is education. He has started up a podcast called Dev Ed Podcast.
Joe has recently become the CEO of Thinkster.io. Thinkster.io is a unique platform where learners can really master web development with a lot of hands on training. Joe wants developers to be able to learn how to “generate” solutions to problems. He explains the concept of “interleaving” while learning a subject which helps students retain more and learn faster.
Joe Eames:
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