MJS 098: Vitali Zaidman

MJS 098: Vitali Zaidman

March 13, 2019

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Show Notes

Host: Charles Max Wood
Guest: Vitali Zaidman
Episode Summary
In this episode of My JavaScript Story, Charles hosts Vitali Zaidman, Technical Lead at WellDone Software Solutions. He is also the author of the popular blog piece: “An Overview of JavaScript Testing in 2019”.
Vitali has been writing code since he was 13 years old. After completing his military service, he attended The Open University of Israel where he took computer science courses. He picked JavaScript not knowing that it was going to be so popular.
He has been working for WellDone Software Solutions since he was a student where he has had the chance to work in many different projects. Vitali feels in order to keep up with technology it is important to work in different projects.
Vitali talks about projects he has worked on that he is proud of, one of which is his library at https://github.com/welldone-software/why-did-you-render
Vitali Zaidman:
Charles Max Wood: