MJS 096: Bart Wood

MJS 096: Bart Wood

Bart Wood


February 26, 2019

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Show Notes

Host: Charles Max Wood
Guest: Bart Wood
Episode Summary
In this episode of My JavaScript Story, Charles Max Wood speaks with his namesake Bart Wood. They talked about tools for tracking and monitoring problems while using apps.  One app in particular was able to track new releases and errors, automatically scrub passwords to secure information as well as customize the scrubbing process while allowing users to provide feedback. 
Charles delves into the past of Bart Wood who has been working with the same company, Henry Shine.  He started studying Economics before he got into programming by chance and eventually ended up graduating with a Masters in Computer Science.  Initially Bart had misconceptions of computing and eventually realized that it was not only about maintaining the OS system and learning keyboard strokes, but creating new apps and delving into the world of creating new software.