MAS 076: Chaz Gatian


MAS 076: Chaz Gatian

April 03, 2019

Show Notes


Host: Charles Max Wood

Special Guest: Chaz Gatian

Episode Summary

In this episode of My Angular Story, Charles hosts Chaz Gatian, Principal Architect at Hyland.

Listen to Chaz on the podcast Adventures in Angular here.

Chaz’s father was a programmer as well so he wanted to major in Computer Science. When he graduated from college, he didn’t have a very high GPA so got an internship at a startup so he could learn web development. He then re-applied to Hyland after developing himself as a programmer for 4 years, and got a job as a developer.

Chaz believes the key to being a good programmer lies in adapting it as a lifestyle. Being a member of the developer community, following podcasts and watching YouTube videos regularly will help a programmer be better.

Finally, Chaz talks about how he got into Angular, projects he struggled with and how he got through them as well as what he is working on currently.



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