MAS 075: Ward Bell


MAS 075: Ward Bell

March 27, 2019

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Host: Charles Max Wood

Guest: Ward Bell

Episode Summary

In this episode of My Angular Story, Charles hosts Ward Bell, President/Co-Founder of IdeaBlade and Microsoft Regional Director in San Francisco. Ward is also a regular panelist on the podcast Adventures in Angular.

Ward got interested in computers in high school through IBM’s high school partnership program. Upon graduation he got a job at the Cornell University Medical School as a programmer in New York City.

While attending university and then graduate school, he worked as a consultant in the financial district as a programmer, coding in APL. He then decided to be a developer full time and started working for General Electric (GE). Working for GE gave Ward the opportunity to see the business side of developing and he learned that adding value to the business side as a developer was crucial.

Ward then co-founded IdeaBlade, delivering development solutions to companies across many industries. During this time, he started working with Angular and later on led the Angular documentation effort.



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