MAS 074: Adrian Fâciu


MAS 074: Adrian Fâciu

March 20, 2019

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Host: Charles Max Wood

Guest: Adrian Fâciu

Episode Summary

In this episode of My Angular Story, Charles hosts Adrian Fâciu, a system architect from Romania working for Visma Software.

Listen to Adrian on the podcast Adventures in Angular here.

Adrian got interested in coding through playing video games in high school. He took coding classes in school but believes that for developers, school only teaches problem solving skills. Real life coding skills are improved by talking to other developers and by trial and error. For example, when he was tackling a particularly difficult project at work, he started attending JavaScript meetups in his local community to connect with other developers.

Adrian was able to gain experience in Angular by switching to a different project at his company. He believes that when developers feel stuck, they should communicate this to their employers because most companies will give them chances to work on different products in order to keep them employed. Aside from coding, Adrian also writes blog posts on Angular In Depth.



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