MAS 068: Juan Herrera


MAS 068: Juan Herrera

February 06, 2019

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Host: Charles Max Wood

Guest: Juan Herrera

Episode Summary

In this episode of My Angular Story, Charles hosts Juan Herrera, Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies and Angular.

Listen to Juan on the podcast Adventures in Angular here.

Juan started programming at age 14 with a mentor. By the time he started college he already knew most of basic programming concepts. For beginner coders Juan recommends finding a mentor through twitter and just pinging them with questions. Charles also recommends sending them a Starbucks card and then asking them for coding advice over virtual coffee.

For people who cannot afford a computer science degree in university, Juan recommends online courses or programs that do not charge a tuition but take a percentage of the paycheck upon employment after graduation. Juan offers many more tips on how to start a programming career and how create and run programming communities correctly.



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