MAS 066: Asim Hussain


MAS 066: Asim Hussain

January 24, 2019

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Host: Charles Max Wood

Special Guest: Asim Hussain

Episode Summary

In this episode of My Angular Story, Charles hosts Asim Hussain, EMEA Regional Lead for Developer Relations at Microsoft and founder of CodeCraft.

Listen to Asim on the podcast Adventures in Angular here.

When Asim was 11 years old, his father bought a computer and Asim wrote his first program in Basic. Since then, Asim has been developing for about 20 years, has been working with Angular for about 5 years, and runs the website Asim has migrated from AngularJS to Angular and has shared a course  on AngularJS Migration on Check out Asim’s free Angular book and his other courses here.

Listen to the show to find out more about Asim’s current work on bringing machine learning APIs into the browser natively and other exciting projects.



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