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MAS 059: Bonnie Brennan

  • Guests : Bonnie Brennan
  • Date : Nov 07, 2018
  • Time : 1 Hours, 10 Minutes
Panel: Charles Max Wood
This week on My Angular Story, Charles speaks with Bonnie Brennan who is in web technologies and uses Angular. She currently resides in Houston, Texas and Chuck and her discuss her background, past and current projects, ngHouston Meetup, and much more! Check-out today’s episode!
In particular, we dive pretty deep on: 
1:00 – Chuck: We’ve talked with you in the past, Bonnie. So listeners, check-out those past episodes if you are interested (see links below). There were various topics that we discussed. It’s been a few months since we’ve talked. Tell us how you got into Angular among other things?
1:50 – Guest.
3:19 – Chuck: I want to get a feel for how you got into programming, so tell us about that.
3:40 – Guest: I didn’t start coding until my 30’s.
3:50 – Chuck: Here is a dirty little secret: most people get into coding later in life.
4:25 – Guest.
25:07 – Chuck: Let’s get back on track - How did you get into Angular?
25:10 – Guest.
32:26 – Chuck: I completely agree. As you’ve gone into Angular you’ve done things in the community that makes you well-known. We’ve talked with your child-component, and how she got into coding. Listen back to that. You mentioned NG Houston, how did you get that going?
32:56 – Guest: I was here in Houston...
39:26 – Chuck: I want to change topics here. You mentioned in your consulting that people are running into certain issues. Most consultants that I know, they make a plan and they just build stuff. Seems like you are talking with them and showing them how to make things work better.
39:54 – Guest.
45:11 – Chuck: I have been a freelancer, and how do people hire you?
45:23 – Guest: Twitter is the best way to reach out to me, also my e-mail.
46:59 – Chuck: You have been a GD – how has that been?
47:10 – Guest: I actually love it! GOOGLE DEVELOPER EXPERT = GDE.
49:07 – Chuck: You had a unique experience at the last Summit. Can you talk about that for a minute?
49:17 – Guest.
59:17 – Chuck: We are at the end of our time. Where can people find you?
59:30 – Guest: The YouTube Channel and Twitter.
1:00:54 – Chuck: Let’s do some picks!
1:01:00 – Fresh Books!
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