MAS 053: Ely Lucas

MAS 053: Ely Lucas

Ely Lucas


September 26, 2018

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Show Notes

Panel: Charles Max Wood
Guest: Ely Lucas
This week on My Angular Story, Charles speaks with Ely Lucas who is a software developer. He loves technologies and mobile technologies among other things. Let’s listen to today’s episode where Chuck and Ely talk about Ionic, Angular, React and many other topics! Check it out!
In particular, we dive pretty deep on:
1:33 – Hello!
1:40 Chuck: Give us a background on who you are, and tell us how famous you are!
2:31 – Chuck: What do you do with Ionic?
2:40 – Ely answers the question.
3:51 – Chuck: How did you get into your field?
3:55 – Ely: When I was a kid and played with video games. Later on I got into web development, like my website. Then I got into a professional-level of developing.
Ely goes into detail about how his passion for developing began and developed.
6:30 – Chuck: Yeah, I’ve talked with people who have gotten into video games, then got into software development.
7:01 – Ely: Someday I would like to develop games.
7:12 – Chuck: Yes, web developing is awesome.
Chuck asks Ely another question.
7:25 – Ely answers the question and mentions web controls.
9:17 – Ely: I thought Ajax was easier.
9:38 – Chuck: When I got into web development jQuery was sort of new. It made things a lot easier.
9:58 – Ely: A lot of people like to sneer at jQuery now, but back in the day it was IT.
10:28 – Chuck: How did you get into Ionic?
10:43 – Ely: I got a fulltime gig working on Ionic; I like the framework. I saw a job application and sent in my résumé. Two days later I got a callback and was amazed. They were hiring remotely. The team liked me and started over a year ago.
11:46 – Chuck asks a question.
11:54 – Ely answers the question.
13:20 – Chuck: Why Ionic?
13:35 – Ely: It was based off of Angular.
15:17 – Chuck: You mentioned...what has the transition been like?
15:32 – Ely talks about past programs he has worked with. He taught React in the early React days.
16:37 – Ely: I have a deep appreciation on React now.
17:09 – Chuck: I like seeing the process that people go through.
17:24 – Ely continues the conversation.
Ely: It is interesting to see the learning process that people go through to arrive in the same place.
18:18 – Chuck: Redux is a good example of this. Anyway, this is near the end of our time.
18:39 – Chuck: Anything else you want to talk about?
18:48 – Ely: Yes, I have been involved in the Denver community. Check us out.