MAS 051: Rodric Haddad

MAS 051: Rodric Haddad

September 12, 2018

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Show Notes

Charles Max Wood
Special Guest: Rodric Haddad
Rodric used to be part of the Angular team initially as an intern and eventually a contractor. He is a CTO at Coddict, a startup in Lebanon that manages high traffic in websites like magazines and newspapers. At the age of 14, he aimed to build a tool for a browser-based game he was playing. His brother and best friend who were both into programming helped him do it. Not only did they build tools just for themselves, they also shared it to the community.
Rodric got into angular when he was helping his brother build websites. Since the start, he's always been the JavaScript fanatic. Angular soon came into popularity, and he started on it around 2011 or 2012.
His purpose for using Angular was for his own projects and helping people in Plunker. He soon moved to Github issues sending per request to the framework. In the NG conference in 2014, he was invited by the Angular team to work with them as an intern.
At the beginning, an intern comes for a few months usually around summer. In Rodric's case, he ended up as a contractor back when he was in Montreal, doing some remote work. A full-timer works as a part of the team in Google.
In his experience as an intern in the Angular team, he had knowledge on the Angular 1 which made him do similar responsibilities with other team members, particularly working on the core. He realized that it's more about your knowledge than your employment status.
He was with the Angular core team around 2014 or 2015. When he released a new version, it had a bug that brought down a lot of tests inside Google. It ended up like the name collision was a library used by many Google's Angular applications used internally.
He, along with the team, figured out its naming inclusion and ended up making its property become unique. They added his favorite number to it which was 339. If you look at any element in Angular 1, you would find a property called NG 339.
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If you're short on time, here are the highlights of My Angular Story Rodric Haddad:
How everything in programming started for Rodric? (1:09)
How did he become a part of the Angular team as an intern? (1:40)
Difference between an intern and full-time Google Engineer? (4:14)
Life in the Angular Core Team? (5:30)
What is Coddict? (17:28)
Coddict's impact on the Lebanese marketplace? (20:31)
How he got into Ionic? (24:14)