MAS 049: Joe Eames

MAS 049: Joe Eames

Joe Eames


August 29, 2018

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Show Notes

  • Charles Max Wood
Special Guests: Joe Eames
Joe is both into JavaScript Jabber and Adventures in Angular. Tune in to My Angular Story Joe Eames to learn more about his journey into getting where he is now. When he was 16, Joe had a class in high school which required him to go to the University of Utah. Everyday he took half day in high school and traveled to the university to attend class. Since he was up there, he thought that he needed a job to earn money for dates and stuff just like any other kids. He worked in a movie theater, but got suspended because he had an argument with his boss.
He looked for another job, and landed onto one in the university where he was studying. He did data entry and dBase maintenance. That was his first programming job.
When he turned 19 and graduated from high school, Joe served 2 years in LDS mission. When he came back, he worked in a restaurant for 5 weeks, but moved to Portland because of some knee problems. He spent 2 years there.
When he came home, he needed a new job. He found a technical job in a computer company which did data entry. He got hired and was assigned in doing wiring and the like.
One manager came to his manager asking for one programmer for a project. Since he was available and had a background on programming, he was recommended for the job. He was then handed with FoxPro books, and started reading them as a head start.
He bought a couple of JavaScript books back then. Then there came an emergent technology which he found so cool and awesome called DHTML. Some people in his office were doing it, but he was confused about it. He kind of got it, but he didn't really do much with it.
For years he has been doing dot net and programming. He got to the point where he wanted to do something different. He enjoyed doing web technology stuff, but he wanted to get heavier into JavaScript. He decided to leave everything and pursued his profound interest for JS.
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  • If you're short on time, here are the highlights of My Angular Story Joe Eames:
  • How did Joe get into programming? (00:45)
  • His journey to JavaScript? (06:15)
  • How Joe came to Angular? (15:47)
  • Experience as JavaScript Jabber panelist? (21:16)
  • The birth of NG conference? (27:11)
  • Joe's current projects? (39:36)
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