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Sep 21, 2022

Livebook Desktop with Wojtek Mach - EMx 189

Today we talk with Wojtek Mach from Dashbit, about the Livebook Desktop app, a tool for writing interactive and collaborative code notebooks. Dashbit primarily works with clients, helping companies adopt and run Elixir. We talk about the history of how Livebook came to be, and the challenges of developing for desktop apps. We also get a sneak peak into what is coming soon.

Sep 14, 2022

Optimizing the Elixir CI Pipeline with Szymon Soppa - EMx 188

With day-to-day development, it is vital to ensure our workflows are optimized and that developer time is utilized efficiently. Today on the show, Szymon Soppa shares about what we should do with our Elixir CIs to ensure this optimization and developer efficiencies are maximized for production.

Sep 07, 2022

Type-safe OTP in Gleam with Louis Pilfold - EMx 187

Today we talk with Louis Pilfold, an ex-elixir/Lang developer. Since 2018, Louis has been working on Gleam, and hesitantly admits to being its author. This statically typed language that runs on Erlang virtual machine and draws its inspiration from several other languages. With Gleam gaining a lot of traction, it’s definitely worth a look into this up and coming gem.

Aug 24, 2022

What it means to be a Senior - EMx 186

In this episode of the Mix the panelists talk about Seniority. They lay out their own personal journeys towards getting a senior title and how they define seniority for themselves - especially how it goes beyond the ability to write code well.

Aug 17, 2022

Domain-Driven Design And Elixir - EMx 185

In today’s all-panelist episode, we take a shot at demystify domain-driven design. We discuss several books and some concepts that stand out in those texts. How easy or hard do Elixir and Phoenix make it to apply DDD principles? We give our experience with taking these concepts and putting them into practice, and give some tips and resources for getting started.

Aug 10, 2022

Getting Hired as an Elixir programmer with Adi Iyengar - EMx 184

Today Adi, one of our hosts and the hiring manager at Elixir, talks about the intricacies of applying for a job, and what companies to search out. We talk about the expectations for the applicant, and how to prepare. We also talk about what you can look for the employer to provide before spending too much of your time in the interview process. Walking through various interview processes, we learn what things can help you land the job you want.

Jul 27, 2022

How Quiqup Left Elixir and Then Came Back - EMx 183

In this episode the panel talks to Danny Hawkins - CTO at Quiqup - and his team's journey at Quiqup with Elixir. Danny explains how some of the first things Quiqup built were using Elixir and how they then left Elixir behind in favor of TypeScript, only to come back to Elixir.

Jul 20, 2022

Combining GraphQL and LiveView with Abul Asar Sayyad - EMX 182

Today we talk with Abul Asar Sayyad, a software engineer from Mumbai, India. Working for ID Plans, a commercial property management solution. We discuss his blog article about combining GraphQL with LiveView for rendering on the front end. We also dive into GraphQL libraries, working with LiveView, and testing.

Jul 13, 2022

Building APIs - EMX 181

In this episode Adi and Sascha dig deeper into what it means to consume and build APIs in Elixir and how a RESTful approach compares to choosing GraphQL as your weapon of choice. Along the way they discuss common pitfalls when building APIs (spoiler: one is caching), how to test all of this, and what their personal preferences and experiences are in creating APIs in Elixir.

Jul 06, 2022

Effective Software Documentation with Everett Griffiths - EMx 180

Bad documentation wastes time, costs real money, and makes developers unproductive. Documentation might be bad because it is flat-out wrong (typos, references to an older version, etc.), but more often documentation is bad when it fails to tell us what we need to know. Don’t let all your hard work go to waste because you failed to communicate what your software is or how to use it. Today on the show, Everett Griffiths shares his insights on how to approach documentation simply and effectively.

Jun 29, 2022

All Things Concurrency - EMx 179

In this week’s all-panelist episode, Sascha and Allen tackle the topic of concurrency on The Beam. They discuss parallelism, some things to do and some not to do, and some of the questions and issues that arise.

Jun 22, 2022

Animating Error Tags in Phoenix LiveView - EMx 178

David van Leeuwen joins the show to share his perspective about error handling with Phoenix’ LiveView form and keeping implementations that are used to render an input as simple as possible. He also discusses his career progressions with Elixir and other various languages, plus why and how he built his latest project,

Allen Wyma

David van Leeuwen
Jun 15, 2022

Challenges of Scaling and Choosing the Right Tool with Simon Zelazny - EMx 177

In this episode Simon Zelazny joins the mix to talk about his experience in scaling an Elixir and Phython based service to meet a once-in-a-blue-moon demand scenario. The panel and him discuss the challenges in finding the relevant bottlenecks in non-trivial software systems - and BEAM applications in particular - and what options there are to fix those.

Jun 08, 2022

Macros and Busting Boilerplate with Robert Ellen - EMx 176

In this episode the panel talks to Robert Ellen and his experience with using macros in Elixir to get rid of some repetitive boilerplate code. They discuss common pitfalls when first diving into macros and resources which help to avoid these mistakes.

Jun 01, 2022

Managing Business Rules in Elixir Applications - EMx 175

Today we have special guest Qiu Hua join us. Currently located in Canada, he is a back-end software developer for e-commerce company Zubale, which focusses on retail applications for countries in Central and South America. We discuss his presentation titled Managing Business Rules In Elixir Applications, and his work to extract business rules out of code and easily enable changes to those rules. We also discuss the his Formular server and its upcoming features.

Allen Wyma

Qiu Hua
May 25, 2022

Career Progressions: From Paratrooper to Software Engineer with Teo Diaz - EMx 174

Teo Diaz spent the first half of his career as a paratrooper and security agent for the Spanish army, until he made a career pivot to become a software engineer. Teo shares his story from the bootcamp beginnings to JavaScript and Elixir, and then landing his first job in the industry. Teo also shares how he uses Elixir on a daily basis as an engineer within Cabify, the international ridesharing company based in Madrid, Spain.

May 18, 2022

Promises of the Elixir & BEAM - EMx 173

In this all-panelist episode we discuss the promises of the BEAM, and how these hold up in reality. Is the BEAM truly resilient? Allen, Sascha and Adi discuss their experiences using the BEAM, how it compares to other options, and discuss why Elixir isn’t a more prominent technology.

May 11, 2022

Publishing Static Github Pages Using Github Actions - EMx 172

Nato Boram joins the show to share how to publish static GitHub pages of your documentation using GitHub actions. Allen and Nathan also discuss Elixir compared to other languages, functional ways of programming, and the “let it crash” philosophy. Finally, they end the show with ideas on how Elixir can become a better language.

Allen Wyma

Nato Boram
May 04, 2022

Benchee and Elixir 2.0 with Tobi Pfeiffer - EMx 171

Tobi Pfeiffer, creator of Benchee, joins the show to share his perspective on benchmarking and Elixir integrations. The hosts start by bantering with Tobi about the Elixir community, deeming it less inviting compared to other language communities. Tobi then shares his career progression, how he landed in the Elixir ecosystem, and why he created Benchee. Finally, the panel debates the future for Elixir and share their wish list features for Elixir 2.0.

Apr 27, 2022

Supabase with Chase Granberry - EMx 170

In this Episode we talk with Chase Granberry of Supabase discussing the role of Elixir and other languages at the company. Upcoming developments and potential directions that the company may take.

Allen Wyma

Chase Granberry
Apr 20, 2022

Building Project Severus with Eric Sullivan - EMx 169

Eric Sullivan joins the mix to discuss Project Severus. He started out with greeting carts and it grew into a way of sharing and keeping up on contact information. He dives into how it works and then into the technical details of how he build it. This is an interesting discussion about the architecture and design of the system.

Apr 06, 2022

Untangling Cloud Infrastructure with Cory o’Daniel - EMx 168

In this episode the panel chats with Cory o’Daniel which is one of the founders of where they try to give teams the tools to deploy production-ready, best-practice, and secure cloud infrastructure.

Mar 16, 2022

Phoenix LiveView for Frontend Developers with Koen van Gilst - EMx 167

In this episode Koen van Gilst joins the mix to share his experience learning Elixir and LiveView as a mainly frontend developer. The panel then discusses the evolution of LiveView since it’s announcement and how it’s incorporating ideas from the frontend world to simplify building complex UIs, such as components. The episode closes with the panel’s perspective on how we specialize as software developers and that we can learn a lot from other by moving closer together.

Mar 09, 2022

Event-Driven Elixir with Thomas Kunnumpurath - EMx 166

In this episode the panel talks to Thomas Kunnumpurath about how to build event-driven systems in Elixir and what tradeoffs different approaches have. The panel probes Thomas - who is a relative newcomer to Elixir but well versed in building event-based systems - on his experience with various event brokers and compares how using an event broker differs from using the BEAMs built-in distribution mechanisms. Additionally the panel provides some insight into the BEAM’s history and for which context the BEAM’s distribution mechanisms were optimized. At the end Thomas asks the panel for some suggestions on how he can continue his BEAM journey with more advanced learning material.

Mar 02, 2022

Learning Erlang with Adolfo Neto - EMx 165

In this episode the panel talks with Adolfo Neto who went out to learn Erlang during last year’s “Advent of Code”. He talks about his experience with the format, compares it against using a platform such as - where mentors can give feedback - and how this shaped his perception of the onboarding experience of Erlang. The panel also discusses Adolfo’s involvement in the Erlang Ecosystem Foundation’s education working group and what they think Erlang - and Elixir - could do better to attract newcomers and make onboarding easier.