What it means to be a Senior - EMx 186

What it means to be a Senior - EMx 186

August 24, 2022

Show Notes

In this episode of the Mix the panelists talk about Seniority. They lay out their own personal journeys towards getting a senior title and how they define seniority for themselves - especially how it goes beyond the ability to write code well.

Among other things they discuss:

  • how to become fluent in reading and writing code
  • how side projects are useful but not required to become a great developer
  • how senior developers tend to approach problem solving and how to get better at that
  • how interpersonal skills play at least an equal role as technical knowledge
  • how specific tech know-how becomes less and less important the further developers climb the ladder - at least the managerial ladder
  • how organizational structures cannot be ignored when building solutions
They close with some picks which they deem valuable for anybody who'd like to dig deeper into some of these ideas.

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