Putting Elixir Applications Into Production In 2023 - EMx 206

Putting Elixir Applications Into Production In 2023 - EMx 206

February 08, 2023

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Show Notes

Adi, Allen, and Sascha join this week's panelist episode to tackle different deployment applications in Elixir. Allen leads the show as he talks about the application "Fly.io". He describes how he used the software, how it works, and its benefit to users. On the other hand, Adi explains why he prefers to use Heroku. He explains its process and why it is also user-friendly. Lastly, they highlight the tools they think developers should utilize in 2023.




  1. Head of Customer/Client Success Candidate: Delaney Widen: With 10+ years of startup experience, I'm a self-starter and creative problem solver. Effective and entertaining communication is of the utmost importance to me professionally and personally. I love being the voice of the customer and the team, providing their feedback as a liaison to guide and develop strategies, ultimately making more seamless experiences. 
  2. Head of Operations: Olivia Del Bacro: Olivia is a multifaceted operations expert with a history of building and scaling out processes for fast-growth businesses. She is passionate about people and process while being a champion of change. With 10+ years of experience in the start-up world, she has demonstrated success in BizOps, Marketing Operations, Sales Enablement, and Project Management roles.