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Phoenix LiveView for Frontend Developers with Koen van Gilst - EMx 167

  • Guests : Koen van Gilst
  • Date : Mar 16, 2022
  • Time : 53 Minutes
In this episode Koen van Gilst joins the mix to share his experience learning Elixir and LiveView as a mainly frontend developer. The panel then discusses the evolution of LiveView since it’s announcement and how it’s incorporating ideas from the frontend world to simplify building complex UIs, such as components. The episode closes with the panel’s perspective on how we specialize as software developers and that we can learn a lot from other by moving closer together.
  • Adi- Elden Ring (Game)
  • Adi- Karthik Ganesh - Looking for an internship in Healthcare or Blockchain technology.
  • Adi- Neel Vinoth - Looking for an Elixir mid-senior position. Has a lot of Software Engineering experience and has been attending after work mentoring sessions with Bruce Tate, Sophie Debenedetto, myself (and other Elixir mentors) every week.
  • Adi- A few others with Elixir knowledge/experience who aren’t open about their job search. Reach out to Adi via email to get their info.
  • Allen- Rust Brain Teasers (Book)
  • Sascha- Game Maker’s Toolkit (YouTube Channel)
  • Koen- Advent of Code (from José Valim on Twitch)
Special Guest: Koen van Gilst.
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