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Event-Driven Elixir with Thomas Kunnumpurath - EMx 166

  • Guests : Thomas Kunnumpurath
  • Date : Mar 09, 2022
  • Time : 1 Hours, 0 Minutes
In this episode the panel talks to Thomas Kunnumpurath about how to build event-driven systems in Elixir and what tradeoffs different approaches have. The panel probes Thomas - who is a relative newcomer to Elixir but well versed in building event-based systems - on his experience with various event brokers and compares how using an event broker differs from using the BEAMs built-in distribution mechanisms.
Additionally the panel provides some insight into the BEAM’s history and for which context the BEAM’s distribution mechanisms were optimized. At the end Thomas asks the panel for some suggestions on how he can continue his BEAM journey with more advanced learning material.
Special Guest: Thomas Kunnumpurath.
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