CC 018: Clean Architecture with Robert "Uncle Bob" Martin

CC 018: Clean Architecture with Robert "Uncle Bob" Martin

September 29, 2020

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Show Notes

Robert C. Martin has been a coder since 1970, co-founder of, founder of Uncle Bob Consulting LLC, Master Craftsman at 8th Light Inc, and author of the book Clean Agile. Uncle Bob and Chuck start by discussing whether or not there has been a decline in Agile in recent years. Uncle Bob does not believe that agile is declining, but rather that because the number of programmers grows so quickly, Agile has become diluted. Uncle Bob describes what it was like to be at Snowbird writing the Agile Manifesto. He describes it as one of those rare times where a meeting actually produces something. For Uncle Bob, Agile is extreme programming, and they talk about how he came up with the idea for Agile. He talks about the principles in Agile match the principles in extreme programming. They discuss some of the dangers of cherry picking the Agile method. They talk about what kind of data comes out of agile practices and the importance of analyzing the data and responding properly. The essence of keeping the engineering under control is the essence of any team so that you can maintain and clean and improve the code. He and Chuck talk about other things that teams should be doing to maintain the quality, readability, and maintainability of their code. This includes things like communicating the structure of the code throughout the team, code reviews, and pair programming. They talk about the element of courage required to make consequential decisions at the last moment. The show concludes with Chuck and Uncle Bob discussing how to get a team started with Agile methods and Uncle Bob talking about his book Clean Agile.
  • Charles Max Wood
  • Uncle Bob Martin