CC 005: Clean Coding in Mobile with Eric Crichlow

CC 005: Clean Coding in Mobile with Eric Crichlow

February 11, 2020

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Show Notes

Eric Crichlow is a software developer in the Phoenix area with 24 years of experience, and he has spent the last 11 doing mobile development. He has also recently released the first three episodes of a Native IOS videos for Clean Coders and wrote the afterword in Uncle Bob’s latest book, Clean Agile. The show begins with Eric talking about how he got into programming, which started way back in second grade. Chuck and Eric discuss the importance of educational background in programmers and agree that they prefer people who have a passion for it rather than just a degree. Eric talks about his experience with OS-9 programming and how he made the switch to mobile development. Chuck and Eric talk about their mutual experience working with smart boards. Eric transitions to talking about how IOS development has changed over the past 10 years. When a new operating system comes out, his go-to method for learning is to pick up a book. He reads the book cover to cover, but he only codes from the first third of it, which is the basic concepts. He finishes the show by talking about his series on Clean Coders and the importance of going out and meeting people for your career. 
  • Charles Max Wood
  • Eric Crichlow
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