CC 004: Software Craftsmanship with Sandro Mancuso

CC 004: Software Craftsmanship with Sandro Mancuso

February 07, 2020

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Show Notes

Sandro Mancuso started his consultancy business 6 years ago and is one of the pioneers of software craftsmanship in the UK. He learned software craftsmanship from Uncle Bob in Chicago and brought it to the UK and Europe. He has also written a book called The Software Craftsman. Sandro talks about how he met Uncle Bob and got things started in the UK and Europe. He talks about some of the difficulties he encountered, especially in the split between technical focused Agile and process-focused Agile. This split led to the formation of the craftsmanship movement. The core ideas of software craftsmanship are a professional attitude, personal responsibility, community, and professional attitude for clients. Software craftsmanship ideals are best implemented through introspection. Sandro gives some examples on how to get started. For people trying to adopt software craftsmanship without experience, the best resource is the nearby or online community since there has been an effort to keep it an ideology rather than concrete. Clean code books are a must-read for those interested in software craftsmanship. Sandro talks about some software craftsmanship ideas on how to organize teams and some of the first steps to becoming a software craftsman. For Sandro’s company, the first step would be the acquisition of technical skills, consultancy skills, and teamwork, but he acknowledges that every company has different criteria. The show concludes with Sandro talking about a book he has in the works. 
  • Charles Max Wood
  • Sandro Mancuso
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