CC 002: Agile Model for Success and InfoOps with Daniel Markham

CC 002: Agile Model for Success and InfoOps with Daniel Markham

February 05, 2020

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Show Notes

Daniel Markham is a systems architect and self-taught programmer. He got to know the Agile team back in the day and hung with that crowd. Right now he is working on three books at home and some sample projects for CryptoCurrency. He talks about his history, how he got connected with Uncle Bob and the Clean Coders, and how he got into training teams on how to run good teams of programmers. He shares some of his methods for introducing Agile to a team, which is also covered in his book Info Ops. He talks about his method for organizing his work into a book. Daniel explains how to characterize a team that can use Agile through the metaphor of deck builders. He believes that everything falls into the category of either behavior, structures, and supplementals and that you need to have a desired behavior and tests in your mind in order to do proper coding. He shares some methods for beginning to think about issues, especially when moving things from one database or system to another. He believes that it is important to code the minimum amount you need to do the test and make the behavior happen so that you can walk away from your code. He clarifies that ‘walking away from it’ means to make your code so that you can move on from that project to a new one. Daniel talks about how he got into mentoring teams on the Agile method and some of his experiences from consulting. His latest project is on how typing influences programming. You can learn more on how to be a better coder
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