Way Outside the Box ( Part 1 ft. Mark Miller) - .NET 101

Way Outside the Box ( Part 1 ft. Mark Miller) - .NET 101

January 04, 2022

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It has been more than a year since we had Mark Miller on the podcast, which is too long, but he is back with us today to talk about outside of the box thinking. The first thing you need to know when thinking outside the box is that there is no such thing as impossible. Maybe it isn't financially feasible or would take an inordinate amount of time but it is not impossible. Next throw out any preconceived notions of what is required, untouchable or unquestionable. With those two in place you can do things like embed images in source code, use caps lock as a modifier or create complex live animations for a Twitch stream. Mark discusses how he did all of these and how he got himself and his team past impossible. What have you developed that you first thought was impossible? Let us know on Twitter at @dotnet_Podcast.




Special Guest: Mark Miller.

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