New and Improved OWASP (Part 2) - .NET 098

New and Improved OWASP (Part 2) - .NET 098

December 07, 2021

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If you are listening to this podcast you probably know about the OWASP Top 10. A new top 10 came out in September to replace the list from 2017 and there are a number of changes. Christian Wenz joins us to go through each item with a fine-tooth comb. The list has some new additions and consolidates some of the categories to try and make things clearer. One of the bigger changes is Broken Access Control moving from fifth to first. Want to hear more about Broken Access Control, Cryptographic Failures or Insecure Design? Then join us for this awesome OWASP episode. Which item on the top 10 have you seen most in the wild? Let us know on Twitter at @dotnet_Podcast.


  • Caleb Wells
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Special Guest: Christian Wenz.

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