Mastering SignalR - .NET 109

Mastering SignalR - .NET 109

March 01, 2022

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Have you ever used SignalR in your development? .NET might have used it for the code you wrote and you didn't realize it. Kevin Griffin has used SignalR for multiple projects over the years and joins us to discuss how you can use it in your development. SignalR uses a pub/sub model and is great for applications that need immediate feedback. Kevin used it for a city's emergency system to provide alerts to first responders within seconds of an emergency being recorded. Like most technologies SignalR can be problematic if used incorrectly. We get to hear a couple of stories where Kevin had to work to fix troublesome SignalR implementations. Have you developed applications that could benefit from using SignalR? Let us know on Twitter at @dotnet_Podcast.




Special Guest: Kevin Griffin.

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