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Finding Your Focus - .NET 128

  • Date : Jul 26, 2022
  • Time : 42 Minutes
This is a republished episode of .NET 017 

In this episode of Adventures in .NET the panel discusses the tools and techniques they use to find their focus while developing. They begin by discussing their personal obstacles when trying to focus on their work. Some of the panelists suffer from ADD, ADHD, and OCD, they explain the challenges these problems bring to their work. They also discuss the flow state good focus can bring and what can be accomplished during that time of deep work. 

The first tool they discuss that helps them focus is music. Music can be a distraction if it is the wrong music. They discuss the types of music that help them focus. The benefits of classical music, music without words and even rock music are considered by the panel. 

Next, the panel discusses todo lists. There are many different todo list apps, the panel considers how to find the ones for you. Wai Liu advocates for the todo list and explains how he rates the completion of his todo list and evaluates it before creating his list for the next week. The panel discusses productivity apps and shares ideas of what would make a great productivity app. 

They consider the merits of meditation. They all agree that meditation has many great benefits but is also quite difficult to master. Wai shares his experience at a meditation retreat. The panel discusses procrastination and distractions both at the work office and at the home office. They consider techniques and resources that help them focus.





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