Blangular (Blazor + Angular) - .NET 105

Blangular (Blazor + Angular) - .NET 105

February 01, 2022

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Have you ever thought about mixing two SPA frameworks together? In today's episode we discuss doing just that, Blazor and Angular running in the same application. Both Angular and Blazor have ways to export code as web components that can be reused in other applications. In order to use Angular in Blazor you have to get familiar with IJSRuntime and how JavaScript interoperability works in Blazor. We look at how Blazor can provide input and get output from Angular as well as discuss how you can handle CSS between the two. We also go over some of the use cases for using Angular web components inside a Blazor application. Have you worked with Angular Elements or Blazor web components? Let us know on Twitter at @dotnet_Podcast.




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