Using AI and ML to Help Humans, Not Replace Them - ML 071

Using AI and ML to Help Humans, Not Replace Them - ML 071

May 12, 2022

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Show Notes

Ben interviews Michael Griffiths, Director of Data Science at ASAPP, a company leveraging AI and ML to augment and automate human work, improve operational efficiencies and customer experiences, and ultimately empower people to be their best. Michael shares specific examples of how this can be done for human agent productivity within contact centers. They also discuss fully human controlled vs automated systems, delivering value with AI and ML, and the future of AI driven technology.
In this Episode…
  1. How do you deliver value with AI and ML?
  2. Fully human controlled vs. fully automated systems
  3. ML software engineering vs traditional software 
  4. Using static training data models and data validation
  5. Communicating process improvements and failures 
  6. What is the future of ASAPP and AI driven technology?
Special Guest: Michael Griffiths.
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