Business Objectives and KPIs with Michael Berk

Business Objectives and KPIs with Michael Berk

January 06, 2022

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Want to know how businesses are measuring their success nowadays? In this episode, Ben talks with Michael Berk about how businesses are leveraging numerous performance metrics to stay on top of their game. The two emphasize what your FIRST step should be, why A/B testing is not just for marketers, and the “elephant in the room” that determines how KPIs should be integrated.

“It’s the chicken or the egg problem. It’s important to think about what model you’ll potentially use as you build out these pipelines. Step 1 is defining the business objective.”

  • Michael Berk

In This Episode:
Before you focus on the pipeline or the model, Michael warns you to put THIS first on your checklist
Why A/B testing is SO powerful and not just for marketers
The #1 takeaway that will change how you implement KPIs
Michael hammers home why “your data is only as good as your model” and why there’s no shortcut around it
The “elephant in the room” that determines the what, who, and how of data analysis in any business

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