How to be a Digital Nomad - DevOps 103

How to be a Digital Nomad - DevOps 103

February 03, 2022

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Show Notes

Love the nomad lifestyle but not sure how to pull it off? You’re in luck! In this episode, the panelists discuss their personal experiences working (and sometimes living) remote. They cover how to generate leads and book clients consistently, why the “multiplier effect” is HUGE for making your new ideas lucrative, and the ONE reason you don’t need revolutionary ideas to find success.

In This Episode

  1. What the panelists all learned from being digital nomads (and if it’s right for you)
  2. How the panelists generated leads and booked clients while traveling abroad (and the apps they used to keep their income steady)
  3. Why the “multiplier effect” is the KEY to making your new idea lucrative
  4. The reason you DON’T need revolutionary ideas to find success (and the strategy to keep readers coming back for more)



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