CI/CD Tools for Dummies - DevOps 104

CI/CD Tools for Dummies - DevOps 104

February 10, 2022

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Show Notes

We’re not calling you a dummy, but you might be one if you don’t listen to this episode. This time around, the gang discusses the do’s and don’ts of choosing CI/CD tools, including how to safety migrate between them, why super-specialized tools are getting extremely popular this year, and the ONE component that makes or breaks a tool.
In This Episode
1) The TWO questions you need ask BEFORE you choose your tools (and why there’s no “one size fits all”)
 2) How to safely migrate from one tool to another
 3) Why super-specialized CI tools are getting more popular in 2022
 4) Want to know what makes a CI tool worthwhile? Ask if it has THIS single component and you’re off to a great start
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