Anti-Patterns in DevOps - DevOps 117

Anti-Patterns in DevOps - DevOps 117

June 09, 2022

Show Notes

An anti-pattern is a pattern that you use to fix a short-term problem at the expense of your long-term goals. The insidious thing about anti-patterns isn't that they don't work or fail outright, but that they work in the short term while causing long-term failure and pain. Today on the show, Jonathan, Jillian, and Will discuss the various anti-patterns and cargo culting in software engineering, including password management, team structures, mean time to recover, and docker files management.

In this episode…

  1. What is cargo cult software engineering?
  2. Favorite anti-patterns
  3. Password management
  4. Team structure and silos
  5. Mean time to recover
  6. Docker files management