PWAs ft. Patricio Vargas

January 06, 2022

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Ever feel like a damsel in distress held captive by app limitations? Never fear! In this episode, Charles and Sani sit down with Patricio Vargas, a software developer who’s an expert on PWA’s and enriching the customer experience. They cover why PWA’s have “superpowers”, a user statistic that will scare the connection issues right out of you, and why Clubhouse fell from grace (and what others apps can learn from it).

“One of the reasons Angular is great is because, with one command, all the setup is done for you. It’s super fun!”

  • Patricio Vargas

In This Episode:
Why Patricio believes PWAs are “applications with superpowers” and will continue to become more popular
Patricio shares a startling statistic that’ll make you think twice about keeping your customers connected
How Apple is missing the PWA train for iOS and web browsing
The panel dissects why Clubhouse lost its appeal and what other apps can learn from it
The #1 problem with QR codes and Patricio’s idea to smooth out that kink


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