Is Dependency Injection Broken? - AiA 339

Is Dependency Injection Broken? - AiA 339

February 03, 2022

Show Notes

Well, it depends. In this episode, Charles sits down with Aristeidis Bampakos, a Greek developer at Google who knows a thing or two (or seven) about how to use dependency injectors right. They talk about why DI’s could be a blessing OR a curse, how the “component hierarchy” can affect your whole structure, and the ONE thing you should know before you give up on your injector.
“We must never forget that Angular is cross-platform. The actual way Angular works with injection is when you provide the service. It’s like using a recipe!”
- Aristeidis Bampakos
In This Episode
  1. Why dependency injection can be a blessing OR a curse (it all depends on YOU)
  2. How the “component hierarchy” affects the entire structure of your Angular work
  3. The BIGGEST difference between using the injector vs. the component in Angular (and how to know which to use)
  4.  Before you get frustrated and create a workaround for your injector, consider THIS first (and the lightbulb may turn on)
Special Guest: Aristeidis Bampakos.
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