Your Ultimate Resume and Cover Letter

Charles Max Wood


Oct 31, 2022

Last Update:

Nov 01, 2022

Course Overview

Learn how to approach a potential employer and get their attention with your resume and cover letter so that they call you back for a job interview.


Chuck Resume Template Walkthrough

Chuck walks through the resume that has gotten him dozens of jobs and contracts. He explains how and why he formatted the resume the way he did and talks about how you should format your resume.

Build Your Baseline Resume

You know what you're good at and what story you want to tell employers. Build the resume that shows off your best skills and lets people know what you've done. Later lessons show how to customize it for individual applications.

Know Employers in 10 Minutes

In order to make your resume and cover letter connect in the most meaningful way, it helps to understand the people you're sending your resume to. It doesn't take very long to figure out what the company is about and who they tend to hire. You can also often figure out who the hiring manager or interviewer is.

Customizing Your Resume for Employers

If you know what a potential employer is looking for, what they value, and if you know someone they know, then you have a much better chance of getting an interview lined up.

Cover Letters That Tell Your Story

There's a reason someone would want to hire you. Usually it's how you show up when you work for them. Your cover letter needs to help them visualize how you'll be successful at solving their problems.

Submitting Your Resume in the Most Effective Way

If you send your resume through the traditional channels like website submission or recruiters, you end up in a pile with a bunch of other potential employees. By doing a bit of extra work, you may be able to gain an ally on the inside that advocates for your hiring.

  • Instructor : Charles Max Wood
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