OAuth Explained - JSJ 523

OAuth Explained - JSJ 523

Dan Moore


March 01, 2022

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Show Notes

Is OAuth all it’s cracked up to be? In this episode, the Jabberers sit down with Dan Moore, an expert in the OAuth world. They discuss the GIANT perks of OAuth (even if you’re a beginner), how to fix OAuth’s biggest issues, and what you NEED to watch out for in OAuth if you’re a prospective client.
“The end goal of OAuth is let someone else handle authentication, and based on tokens you get, you have the insurance that the authentication was valid.”
- Dan Moore
In This Episode
1) The HUGE perks of using OAuth in 2022 (and how to get started)
 2) What you SHOULD be looking for in OAuth as a client 
 3) How to resolve OAuth’s biggest drawbacks and feel confident in your security
Special Guest: Dan Moore.
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